This 18 Year-Old Girl Has Saved Almost $100,000 By Herself!


How much have you got hidden away in your savings account? A few dollars? Us too. It’s not much, is it? Sure, we all try to save for a rainy day. But it’s not always very easy, is it…?

There are always new bars and restaurants to try and new sneakers to buy. Saving your money can be tricky with just so many tempting things to spend your money on.

How long do you think it’d take you to save up, say, $85,000? Decades, right? If you could even manage it at all. But what if we told you that you could? And to prove it, you only need to say hello to Miss Robin Bri and listen to her story. She’s saved up that much. And – get this – she’s only EIGHTEEN years of age!

That’s right. She’s not a trust fund kid, either. Her family aren’t rich. Sure, the Bris live in the pretty affluent city of San Francisco, but Robin’s parents are just everyday types. There’s no money in the family. Which makes her incredible achievement all the more amazing.

“What motivates me is having grown up in a family that was unable to provide for all the needs of three children,” Robin says. “At age eight I started cat sitting and dog walking for my neighbors. Earning money made me realize the value of it; it would last longer than if it was just given to me.”
“Also at eight, I stopped asking my parents for money and started providing for myself. When I turned ten I started babysitting for my neighbors and a few years later I had a clientele list of four families. I had to keep track of my hours and sent out monthly bills to the families. This experience is what prompted me to get into the world of finance and business.”
Babysitting, house sitting, working as a waitress, dog walking… Robin can turn her hand to anything. She’s still at school (studying business, of course, and loving it) and keeps on top of her work there, but she still finds time to put in anywhere up to 30 hours a week on the side.

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She also keeps her expenses low and invests in smart options, like when she plays the credit card rewards game shrewdly. But mostly? The secret to Robin’s success is just hard work and determination.

It really does seem as though she has a true understanding for money and it’s true worth, though.

“Earning money made me realize the value of it,” Robin says about her fantastic achievement. “It would last longer than if it was just given to me.”

“I saw how my parents’ choices impacted them,” she goes on. “And I told myself that I needed to do the opposite. I probably sleep five to six hours a night. I was born into this lifestyle, and I have to use it to my advantage.”

And she certainly seems to have done just that. She’s got a cool $85k+ sitting in the bank and she’s still a teenager.. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

If she keeps earning and saving at this rate, she’ll be a millionaire in her thirties.

We wonder if she’d take another job on… Only we think she’d make a damn fine Financial Consultant!


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