Man wanted after acid attack on two people in East London


A victim of a horrible acid attack has alleged he and his cousin aged 21 were targets of a hate crime.

Jameel Muhktar, 37, and Resham Khan were inside a vehicle in Beckon, east London, when acid was tossed through the window by a man.

Cops are still looking for John Tomlin, 24, in connection with the assault, and released his photo to the public.

Police are looking for John Tomlin over the attack

The two affected people, who were celebrating Resham’s 21st birthday attempted to drive off, chased by the suspect on foot, before crashing their car into a fence.

Both Resham and Jameel were left with ‘life-changing’ injuries when the corrosive substance was thrown at them and cops have stated there is ‘nothing to indicate the assault was religiously or racially motivated.

However, Jameel described the assault and stated the trainers and the car seat were burning, and his cousin’s skin was peeling.

He also added that he believed that the incident was a ‘hate crime’ and may be associated with ‘Islamophobia.’

The public assisted Resham and her cousin after the attack, which took place at 9.15am. Both were rushed to an east London hospital before the cops arrived.

Resham and Jameel were driving through Beckton East London when they were stopped at a red traffic light.

The car’s windows were down and were playing music, while in a celebratory mood after not having seen one another since Resham came back from an exchange year in Cyprus.

As they were waiting for the lights to change, someone hurled a corrosive substance through the open window and into the face of Resham, before going round to the side of the driver and hurling more acid at Jameel.

Resham, a Business Management student, stated she saw her clothes burn away as she struggled with the unbearable she pain.

Miss Khan stated she and Jameel attempted to drive away from their assailant but crashed the vehicle when the ‘pain became unbearable over.’ Both were forced to remove their clothes as they begged onlookers for water to help relieve the pain.

They were rushed to hospital by a kind stranger where Jameel was placed into an induced coma while Resham got a skin graft.

The Metropolitan Police are doing an investigation, but no arrests have yet been made. Police confirmed that there is no latest information to suggest that this assault was religiously or racially motivated.

As the two recuperate from their terrible ordeal, Resham bravely boldly shared her story on social media.

She explained that she had a skin graft; however, doesn’t yet know what her face will appear like. Resham’s sight has been damaged and has burned across her body.

Jameel was more horribly burnt by the acid and so was placed into an induced coma by medics, which he has currently woken up from.

Resham is at present bed-bound so has not been able to visit her cousin.

Fellow student Daniel Mann has created a GoFundMe page in a bid to raise £8,000 for his friend Resham and her cousin.

Daniel states the money raised will go towards his friend’s laser eye treatment, therapy sessions and accommodation to a location where the duo ‘feel secure’ as they recuperate from the shocking attack.


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