Philando Castile’s Death Revealed


The shocking footage that shows Philando Castile being shot several times by a Minnesota police officer is now open to the public, days after the cop’s acquittal.

The video clip originated from a camera in the squad car of Police Officer, Jeronimo Yanez who was acquitted of a possible charge of manslaughter and other charges by a mainly white jury.

The 32-year-old father was shot last July by the cop as he sat in his vehicle pulled over at the side of the road in St Anthony, Minnesota, and afterward passed away.

Castile’s girlfriend live streamed the footage of the aftermath on Facebook, which showed Castile bleeding after being shot.

The Philando Castile’s death footage, which was released, reveals what took place in the critical seconds before the fatal shooting and lays bare the way he fired his gun within a few seconds of Castile saying that he had a gun in his possession.

Without hesitation, Reynolds drew his own gun and directed it Castile’s car before firing his first round as the black father of a 4-year-old daughter sat in the back seat.

The squad car video shows a broad view of the traffic stop and what happened next, with the camera directed towards the victim’s car.

It catches the conversation between Yanez, who is Latino and the two men, firing into the car. What took place inside the vehicle cannot be seen.

The footage shows Yanez following Castile’s vehicle, then pulling it over before he is seen getting close to the vehicle and requesting a driver’s license and documentation of insurance.

Castile, an elementary school cafeteria employee, had a license to carry the gun.

Before the 32-year-old finishes that sentence, Yanez is seen holding his weapon and pulls it out of the holster. Yanez asks Castile not to reach for it then, a shouting is heard yelling, and Yanez yells ‘Don’t remove the gun’ before firing seven shots into the vehicle.

Castile’s body is tossed to the right after being shot once. Officer Joseph Kauser, who is Yanez’s backup, can be seen positioned on the passenger side of the car, leaping back and retreating the moment the shots were fired.

Soon after the Philando Castile’s death, Yanez can be seen with his weapon drawn for some time while standing at the car window.

Reynolds’ daughter aged 4 begins to get out of the vehicle and is grabbed by a cop. The footage then shows help arriving at the scene of the fatal shooting.

Reynolds is asked to get out of the vehicle by officers. Yanez is led away while cops remove Castile from the car and start CPR.

After his acquittal, protests started and run for days, which included one in St. Paul that attracted lots of people and shut down Interstate 94 for several hours.

After the verdict, multitudes gathered at the nearby state Capitol to protest and started a march that organizers stated was going to the St. Paul Cathedral.

Had Yanez been convicted, he would have faced ten years behind bars, although sentencing guidelines show around 4 years might have been more probable.

Also, Yanez faced two lesser counts of endangering the lives of the other two occupants in the car by firing his weapon. Yanez was acquitted on all counts.

Philando Castile’s death was one among the many people fatally shot by cops last year.


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